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Function-based instruction

Each singer should feel empowered to sing in a style that feels authentic to them. Function-based technique means that ALL styles can be explored and optimized.

I am available to work in-person or online


My personal singing background is in opera and musical theatre. I hold degrees from Skidmore College (BA) The Eastman School of Music (MM) and The University of Texas at Austin (DMA),  and I've sought extensive post-Doctoral training in contemporary singing styles.  This includes Somatic Voicework, Estill training, and Vocology--the biomechanics of the singing voice-- with premiere voice scientist Dr. Ingo Titze.   I've worked with singers of all ages and with non-singers on vocal re-habilitation.  My students have performed in concert halls, opera houses, and entertainment venues around the world, on Broadway, and on National Broadway Tours.  Many have earned regional and national recognition for top placement in competitions through the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, the National Association of Teachers of Singing, and the American Collegiate Theatre Festival, as well as televised singing competitions. 

I work with singers in the same way a personal trainer works with athletes.  We work together on your vocal fitness; we optimize the function of your instrument for your genre, and we build flexibility and endurance for a healthy, life-long singing career.

As an Associate Professor of Voice at Oakland University I am proud to teach Business for Musicians, a course intended to bridge the gap between formal study and a career as an independent musician & entrepreneur.


Bon Appétit!

In this 20 minute opera, we prepare a cake in real time and get a peek at the most influential chef of the 20th century.  This is an operatic setting of an actual transcript of an episode of PBS's The French Chef. I provide the recipe for the cake in advance so that the audience can bake along at home before the show.

OGR patrons in kitchen_edited.jpg

Sweethearts | American Operetta

With movie magic, and a bit of history peppered in, we explore the musical landscape of the early 20th century and the optimism & nostalgia which is inherent in American Operetta. Hear the story of America through the eyes and ears of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.


Diction Refresher

Use the International Phoenetic Alphabet (IPA) to clarify mouth shapes for your singers in their solo or ensemble work.  Having this common language helps us to build successful and consistent sounds.

Diction Refresher.webp

Music by Women Composers | Illuminations

Learn the stories of Women Composers including, Price, Schumann, Hensel, Colbran.  A dynamic animation of of the artwork of polymath Hildegard of Bingen accompanies the chanting of her musical works

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