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I teach function-based technique

Each singer should feel empowered to sing in a style that feels authentic to them. Function-based technique means that ALL styles can be explored and optimized.


My personal singing background is in opera and musical theatre, and I've sought extensive post-Doctoral training in Contemporary singing styles.  This includes Somatic Voicework, Estill training, Vocology study (the biomechanics of the singing voice) with premiere voice scientist Dr.  Ingo Titze   I've worked with singers of all ages and with non-singers on vocal re-habilitation.  

I work with singers in the same way a personal trainer works with athletes.  We work together on your vocal fitness, and we optimize the function of your instrument for your genre.

As an Assistant Professor of Voice at Oakland University I am proud to teach Business for Musicians, a course intended to bridge the gap between formal study and a career as an independent musician & entrepreneur.

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