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Put the "Fun" in Vocal Function!
By distilling the sound-making process into three basic ingredients: breath, pressure, and shape, we can discuss technique with singers of all ages stages and clarify our instruction. Workshops can include teacher training, group vocalization and work with soloists.


Diction Refresher
Use the International Phoenetic Alphabet (IPA) to clarify mouth shapes for your singers in their solo or ensemble work.  Having this common language helps us to build successful and consistent sounds.


Lee Hoiby's Bon Appétit!: Julia Child teaches us how to bake Le Gateau au Chocolat L'éminence Brune.
In this 20 minute opera, we prepare a cake in real time and get a peek at the most influential chef of the 20th century.  This is an operatic setting of an actual transcript of an episode of PBS's The French Chef.


Sweethearts: American Operetta
With movie magic, and a bit of history peppered in, we explore the musical landscape of the early 20th century and the optimism & nostalgia which is inherent in American Operetta. Hear the story of America through the eyes and ears of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.

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